you & i will never really get it on.

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you & i will never really get it on. [entries|friends|calendar]
my name is what? slim shady.

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!!! [02-13, 11:12AM]
i do have good friends now.
and it's a snow day.
keeping quiet is hard (0)

new york - april [05-18, 5:17PM]

New york was soo much fun. We walked around & got cabs the whole time. & we were by ourselves so it was awesome.

Here’s more than 200 pictures. This took me more than 3 hours to do. So you better look at them. The code was 11 pages on word.

pass the dutchie on the left hand side.Collapse )
keeping quiet is hard (16)

my journal is now.... [06-07, 9:53PM]
friends only bitches.
keeping quiet is hard (117)

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